Make the right call. 911

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Find out what we’re doing to educate Iowans about heart disease and why it’s so important to call 911 at the first sign of heart attack.

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Calling 911 at the first sign of a heart attack ensures you get life-saving care as soon as the EMTs reach you.

Time is critical when you’re having a heart attack—you might not have the extra hour or even 5 minutes it takes to activate a life-saving angioplasty device when you drive yourself to the ER.

Still not convinced?

Top Benefits to Calling 911 for a Heart Attack

  • You can get care in as little as 10 minutes
  • EMTs can administer immediate care and continue providing care on the way to the hospital
  • EMTs assess your condition and will take you to the closest hospital with the right equipment for your needs
  • ER or heart specialists will be waiting for your arrival – instead of you waiting in triage
  • 911 dispatchers can give instructions for self-care until EMTs arrive
  • EMTs save time at the hospital by sending information about your vitals and cardiac needs before you arrive
  • If the EMTs determine you are not having a heart attack, you likely won’t even be charged for the ambulance services if you do not need to be transported
  • Calling 911 leads to faster, better care SEE WHY HERE

Make the Right Call. 911